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Bubbleponics® Grow Ready Kit
Bubbleponics® Grow Ready Kit
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Rated: 5/5


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Rated: 4/5

WOW, Overnight Explosion!
I recieved my 6 plant starter kit on Dec. 17th, 2012. My neuts didnt come until Dec. 22nd, 2012. Thusfor one star knocked off being they were ordered at the same time.
As for the kits review, i was extremely nervous when i realized i had been moving my seedlings to the new kit from 60/40 peat/fox farm soil(because fox farm has too high ph). 3 of the 4 seedlings were about 1 1/2 weeks in while the 4th was about 5 days in (strains were dif so timing is dif)so the roots were there but not enough to worry. i used ph neutral distilled water on a light sprayer setting in my palm to roll the plants in the water gently to remove all soil/peat before i planted into the hydro. i was freaking when i didnt see the neuts so i ran to bachmanns and grabbed a 10/10/10 liquid plant food and used it for 1 week while i waited for neuts. needless to say, i was scared the plants would die so i gave them a small (about 1/4 norm) dose of that to sustain them and watched the ph carefully. for the weeks. yesterday (22nd) i recieved my neuts and went to change and clean the tank, used new hydroton since i didnt want to leave the other liquid food in them at all. the rockwool was comletely unattached to the plants even after a week, BUT...
After the 50% grow / 50% micro solution was added at 6pm then the other half at 2am (i took a nap)i awoke at 11am the 23rd to check the ph again and regulate if needed. As I opened the door to the plant room i peaked in and saw the once dying seedlings were standing about a full inch, maybe a little more above the 2am photos i took. then upon further investigation i realized there were at least 2 fully grown 5 blade leaves that magically appeared on EACH plant no matter what age they were. every plant seemed a dark healthy green and the ph was about 7 in the morn so i brought it down to a 5.9 with a dose of down and im still shocked to think in one night all of that could happed. If your a skeptic read the Growing Instructions up top and the slip that comes with the neuts and i GUARENTEE you will love this setup (even if you had plants in dirt, just be uber careful and they will be just fine!)

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Richard Wheeler

Rated: 4/5

Could not be easier or provide more stellar results!
The system is so easy to set-up and get running, especially using the included Stealth Grow, Bloom and Micro nutrients. They actually pH'd my water perfectly for me.

28 days from sprouting and we're at 7-9 nodes & 11 inches tall with dense foliage.

As near perfect as this system is, I can't give a 5 out of 5, rating. While the basic set up info is adequate, a little more detailed info on cleaning & maintenance, reservoir temp control tips and reservoir changes would be good.

I'd love to see the N-P-K and product data for the
Stealth Grow, Bloom and Micro line as well.

I am very happy with my purchase, you will be too!

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Introducing BUBBLEPONICS®, taking aeroponics to the next level...

Bubbleponics® is the art of delivering highly oxygenated nutrient solution DIRECTLY to the inner root zone. The days of merely misting the outer roots with nutrient spray are over. Gone too are the days of over/under watering, over/under feeding; the Stealth Hydro bubbleponic system automatically maintains the ideal oxygen level of the nutrient solution so as to facilitate a healthy thriving root system.

Included in this kit:

Bubbleponics® Base Reservoir System
Provides a 6 gallon reservoir of nutrient solution. Use the six gallon line for easy measuring and adding of nutrient mix. The tight lid houses six four inch net pots with feeder hoses attached.

Six 3.75" Inch Net Pots
Strong and flexible net pots for repeated use.

130+ gal/hour Pump w/ Feed Tubing
Powerful and durable pump ensures rapid circulation of nutrient solution.

Air Pump w/ Ceramic Air Stone and Tubing
A durable air pump feeds air to the nutrient solution via the Ceramic Air Stone
, infusing the solution with tiny life giving bubbles, which get fed directly to the root zone.
Six Rockwool Cubes
Rockwool cubes are the ideal medium for starting seedlings or cuttings.
Hydroton Grow Rocks
Simply one of the best grow mediums on the market. It is clean, pH neutral, pH stable and perfect for bubbleponics® systems.
Pro Drainage Kit
Easy and simplistic drainage which also allows one to connect to an external reservoir.
Stealth Hydro pH Test Strips
Easy to use test strips give highly accurate results.
6 Month Series of Stealth Hydro Nutrient Powders
"Fire and forget" style feeding with Stealth Grow, Stealth Bloom and Stealth Micro individually sized nutrient packets which eliminate the need for measuring. Simply fill the reservoir bucket to the indicated line with water, and add the required feeding packet. Furthermore, Stealth Grow, Bloom and Micro automatically pH balance for 98% of all household water types. This nutrient mix is specifically formulated for use with SH Bubbleponics® and SH dual spectrum lighting systems.
Online Video & PDF Files Provided
Think we'd leave you hanging with all of this equipment? No way man, we're going to make it as easy as humanly possible to help you through this experience; after all we want you telling you friends how awesome our system works. In the online Video and PDF files we'll walk you through setup and each growth phase; how and when to apply the nutrient packs. We'll let you in on some of our green thumb tricks and give you a head start with our years of experience. Plus, with any hydroponics kit purchase, you get lifetime phone support via our toll free number.

So, What Is Bubbleponics®, Exactly?

The worlds first continuous plant feeding system, Bubbleponics® is a hybrid design that takes the best from both worlds of the bubbler and drip systems. Since the nutrient mix is highly oxygenated, Bubbleponics® converts its drip function to a constant feed flow directly to the inner roots. Without needing to take breaks to allow the root base to drain and absorb oxygen, plants in the Bubbleponics® system are able to deliver unparalleled growth energy.

This advantage is particularly pronounced during early vegetative phases when the plant’s root mass is still relatively small. Cuttings placed into the system experience no noticeable transplant shock and practically start growing immediately. In experiments measured against leading aeroponic systems, the Bubbleponics® design shaved, on average, four days from a two week growing cycle, a 30% growth rate increase over Aeroponics in the early vegetative stage; truly amazing. As the root mass of the respective plants grow larger, growth rate advantages were less evident, however, the plants in the Bubbleponics® planter maintained their 4-5 day lead over the aeroponic plants throughout the cycle.

In a series of stress tests, plants in the Bubbleponics® system performed remarkably when recovering from an over-fertilized condition. With almost the entire root mass destroyed, Bubbleponics® was able to revive 67% of the plants which started re-growing new roots and were able to complete their cycle. None of the other plants in the aeroponic products survived this stress test. The tests concluded that the Bubbleponics® system provided significant recovery advantages over other systems when it came to anything that stressed or killed that root mass.

Hub Feeding Ensures Consistency

The Bubbleponics® design is, ironically enough, one of the first hydroponic products to use real irrigation parts. This includes a hub feed system, where the main flow from the water pump is broken up into 6 smaller feeder tubes via a pressure regulating irrigation distributor. No other plants sites are thus dependant on any other as they would be in most drip systems that use T'ed designs. This also ensures identical feeding conditions at each site.

The Ideal Maintenance Solution

Stealth Hydro specifically designed the Bubbleponics® system with maintenance in mind. Almost all the parts used can be obtained from a local hardware store. By using mainstream brands in the design it allows the end user to easily replace individual parts in a pinch throughout their many years of bubbleponicing!

Easy As Pie

Considering that there are no timers to set and tweak for the water pump, and that the unit is totally self contained and mobile, this is one of the simplest hydroponic designs I have ever used. From setup to final clean up, bar none, one of the best high speed hydroponic systems on the market. Bubbleponics® has raised the bar and changes everything we are to expect from modern hydroponics.


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