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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information Questions

Where can I find vast amounts of growing information?
Continue with this F.A.Q. page for short simple answers to many common questions, however, for loads of detailed information; visit the Stealth Hydroponics Grower's Information Center to access Roseman's Tips & Troubleshooting Guide and many other informational articles from past Stealth Hydro Grow Tips Newsletters.
Does Stealth Hydro have a forum or social media site where I can interact with other Stealth Hydro Customers?
YES!! The legendary Roseman (one of Stealth Hydro's very first customers) created the Bubbleheads; a group of very passionate growers who pay it forward by answering any questions and discussing a broad scale of topics. You can find the Bubbleheads' forum and blog site at . is a non-profit forum site that is administered and operated by the Bubbleheads. There are no pop-up ads, banner ads or any advertising for any company including SH Hydroponics, Inc. The site is purely for growers to interact with one another.

The site has operated for years with thousands of users that has lead to numerous grow guides; including Roseman's Bubbleponics tutorial. The Bubbleheads qualify for Stealth Hydro discounts and also run numerous competitions and contests monthly competing over a wide range of fun activities with prizes of all kinds. To date the Bubbleheads have given away thousands of dollars worth of prizes from $1000 grow systems and lights to simple glass pipes and other nick knack items. Join the Bubbleheads today and get a head start to dominating your grow room!

Stealth Hydro Bubbleponics Kit Questions

How do I figure out watts, PPM, CO2, Air Flow, Electrical Cost or convert Temperature?
Calculate this information using this useful Java based calculator tool by
How well do the Stealth Hydro Bubbleponic Kits really work?
Our kits work so well that we have won awards from various major magazines. Thousands of customers have been totally satisfied and delighted with their revolutionary Stealth Hydro Bubbleponics systems. You'll be absolutely AMAZED and 100% satisfied with the growth rates you experience.
What are the physical dimensions of the Stealth Hydro Bubbleponic 6-planter kit?
Length: 21.5 inches
Width: 14 inches
Height: 12.75 inches
What are the physical dimensions of the Stealth Hydro DWC 4-planter kit?
Length: 16.75 inches
Width: 12.75 inches
Height: 9.125 inches
Is it legal to buy a Stealth Hydro Kit?
YES. It is 100% legal to buy a hydroponics kit from Stealth Hydro. We simply sell hydroponic gardening kits. It is no different in terms of legality than going to a hardware store, buying a bag of soil, a plastic planter, and some miracle grow. Stealth Hydro does not endorse any illegal activity whatsoever and we do not discuss anything illegal. We run our business by the letter of the law and we have had no problems whatsoever to date.
Can I use this kit to grow?
Of course! We can say with complete confidence that we have grown over 100 different species of plants with our Stealth Hydro Bubbleponic kits, including vegetables, herbs, and flowers. No matter what you want to grow, our total hydroponic solutions are going to work for you!
What kind of hydroponic systems are these kits?
The Bubbleponic hydroponic feeding method is a new revolutionary design. Taking full advantage of the new growing medium, hydroton, Bubbleponics is about delivering a constant, highly oxygenated stream of nutrient solution directly to the entire root zone. This means that the roots have to do less work to find loads of nutrients and oxygen. Now the plant can put more energy into growing, and less energy into extending the roots. This is the basic theory of hydroponics, however, Bubbleponics adds a new overdrive gear to high performance growing systems.
How large is a Stealth Hydro Bubbleponic Kit?
The 6 planter kit is 21in x 14in and is 13 inches tall. The reservoir holds up to 8 gallons of solution, however, we recommend using only 6 gallons as this facilitates ease of portability and meets the standard one gallon per plant feeding ratio for large plants.
How easy is it to perform routine cleaning and maintenance on my Stealth Hydro Bubbleponic Kit?
The irrigation system has it's own filter (within the distribution cap) and can be completely and very easily dismantled without needing any tools.

Lighting Questions

Are the Stealth Hydro Dual Spectrum lights powerful enough to grow large plants?
Absolutely! The major advantage of compact fluorescent lights is that they emit very little heat so that you can place them within an inch or two of your plants. Although these lights are not as powerful as HID lights, they will work very well for your Stealth Hydro kit. We have grown some 8 foot bean plants in our kits with our lighting, however, we do recommend growing smaller pruned plants, like constant harvest herbs (basil, parsley, mint etc.), or “Sea of Green” method for fruiting plants (tomatoes, beans, peas, etc).

The real advantage of our lights versus High Intensity Discharge lights is quite simply; cost and ease of operation. An HID setup is going to cost you twice the price of our entire growing kit, not to mention what you'll have to spend on cooling that beast. Then there’s the $100 electric bill you’re stuck with each month. Our kit consumes less than 100 watts of power, costing merely a few bucks each month. Your TV chews more electricity. Our lights don’t get so hot that they require elaborate cooling systems, and can be easily stuck into any small space. We’re bringing you the latest in fluorescent technology combined with our years of experience growing under these types of lighting systems.
What does lumens, Watts or Kelvin (K) mean?
Lumens equates to the amount of light is emitted. Together our bulbs produce 6000 lumens. Watts is a measure of the electrical power required to run the bulb.

Kelvin is a measure of temperature, as in 5100K or 2700K (this is the emitter temperature, not the actual temperature of the bulb itself), and it refers to the color of the bulb; 5100K being a blue light spectrum, and the 2700K being a red spectrum. Plants like a predominately blue spectrum during their vegetative growth and like red spectrum light during flowering. Together the 5100K and 2700K provide a dual, or complete spectrum, suitable for all plants during all phases of growth.
Will my electric bill go sky-high if I use a Stealth Hydro?
Not at all! Stealth Hydro lights are energy saving bulbs that will only draw as much electricity as a normal light bulb! And the pump will only draw as much electricity as a tiny appliance! Your electric bill should not increase more than a few dollars per month.
How far from the plants should I position my light?
When the plant is still in the germinating/sprouting stage and very small, position the light at least 8 inches away from the top of the plants. As they get larger and stronger, you can move the light within a few inches of the tops of the plants. Watch for signs of heat stress or withering. If the plants seem to be withering from the proximity of the light, then move it further away by a few inches.
How often do I run the lights?
During vegetative stage, we recommend running the lights constantly, or one can setup the timer and use a of cycle of no less than 18 hours on, and no more than 6 hours off, per 24 hours.

To initiate flowering, cut the cycle back to 12 hours on, 12 off. All this information is covered in the Stealth Hydro guide that comes with every kit.
Where can I buy replacement bulbs?
Bulbs of this quality are not available in stores. You will see similar bulbs advertised elsewhere but they do not provide the same light spectrum, nor do they provide the same amount of lumens or life of our bulbs. You can order replacement bulbs right from our store.

Nutrient Questions

Are these supplied nutrients good for growing?
YES! Our nutrients are professional hydroponic nutrients that will work for virtually any kind of plant, including tomatoes, herbs, flowers, and other veggies.
Where can I get more nutrients?
Right from our webstore! We sell our excellent house brand of pre-measured, pH balanced, nutrients in a six month supply package. Hands down, our house brand is the most affordable and easiest to use nutrient system on the market!
How do I mix the nutrients?
Fill the reservoir to the indicated 6 gallon line. First add one packet of SH MICRO. Mix well. Then add one packet of SH GROW (use one packet of BLOOM if you are in flowering phase instead) and mix well.

Temperature Questions

What is the optimal temperature for hydroponics?
60 to 80 degrees fahrenheit is the best temperature for growing with your Stealth Hydro Kit.

Organic Questions

What is the Self Watering Wick Planter?
The Stealth Hydro self-watering wick planter is a simple, yet ingenious planter that automatically waters itself WITHOUT ANY POWER. The 3-level wick system ensures equal distribution of moisture throughout the entire potting mix. Can be left unattended for weeks at a time and is fully mobile. Bury the bucket reservoir to keep the water cool in very hot climates.
What is the Best Potting Mix to use with the Self Watering Wick Planter?
Without a doubt, use Stealth Hydro’s Organic Magic Mix kit, combined with any standard 40lb bag of organic topsoil.
What is the Organic Magic Mix Kit, and how do I use it?
Stealth Hydro’s Organic Magic Mix kit, combined with any standard 40lb bag of organic topsoil, make 2.5 cubic feet of the world’s finest, pH balanced organic potting mix. The mix can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants. The kit contains soil conditioners (like vermiculite and perlite) and an organic blend of worm castings, guano, kelp meal and much more.
What are the Organic Top Feed Packs, and how do I use them?
The top feed packs are intended as a supplemental organic fertilizer as your plants grow. Every three to four weeks work a packet of feed into the top inch or two of your planter mix. Add some water or organic tea to the mix and allow it to fully moisten the top of the planter mix.
What is Alfalfa and how do I use the the tea bags?
Alfalfa is an organic feed. It is typically compressed into cubes and fed to livestock. It can be crushed and decomposed (brewed or composted) to form a tea that is a phenomenal supplemental organic plant food. It is a complete mild fertilizer, and also contains the growth hormone, Triacontanol, which is known to help accelerate vegetative growth rates. Stealth Hydro’s tea bags contain finely crushed organically grown alfalfa and are ready for brewing.

To make alfalfa tea you will need a 5 gal bucket with a tight fitting lid (painter’s bucket) and one SH Alfalfa tea bag. Place the tea bag into the bucket filled with water. With your hands, squeeze water into the tea bag so that it becomes water logged and starts to sink. Hang the tied end of the tea bag over the edge of the bucket so that the tea bag hangs vertically in the water. The bag should be hanging and not touching the base of the bucket. Use the tight sealing lid over the bucket to keep the end of the tea bag in place.

Let the tea brew for at least 5-6 days. Shake the bucket of brew each day to mix up the tea. When it becomes really stinky it is ready for us. Not to worry, the odor is good organic stuff. Apply directly to your OUTDOOR planters, flowers and vegetables.

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